Life of a Grey Girl

5 June 1991
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These are my resources. :) They were all very helpful, okay?

lil_brokenangel on LJ made light textures.
_cinjudes text brushes (funny)
sugarplum kitten-polaroid brushes
wonderland_ did lyric brushes (3 Days Grace-"Time of Dying", Evanescence "October," Savage Garden "Chained To You") and fancy borders.
astarte59 did a brush set, textures+borders.
dec_6 made tiny text brushes
eggdrpsoup sparkly light textures
scarlett_o made brushes with icon masks (including stars).
bloodyregrets.deviantart.com made heart brushes, icon mask brushes, "splat" brushes, stroke brushes, and sparkle stars brushes.
yuzurenai at illusionized made lyric text brushes (Eminem-When I'm Gone)
jadedicons made "girly" brushes-hearts, butterflies, flowers, etc.
justmi made random text brushes.
haydens__hunnie made fuzzy boxes and shapes.
komika_bubbles made heart brushes.
libumkeiki made text brushes-"part of your world"
luminicity did office supplies brushes
quantrail did lyric brushes (Coldplay)
sanami276 did textured polaroid brushes
seleneheart at acme_graphics did "squiggle brushes"-dotted and sparkle lines.
starlitdesigns did lyric and text brushes.
gado did text brushes
o-mo-i did lyric brushes (Duncan Sheik-"Half-Life")
absolutetrouble did polaroid brushes (2 sets) and lips brushes
-dorky_duck did borders and masks (4 sets) icon "stamps"
david_lucena did masks
xsnehax did text
libumkeiki did texts
miss_snoopy25 did masks.
astral_angel did nickelback "All the Right Reasons" lyric brushes.
dreamydaydream did polaroid
erendisblack did text brushes
brithla_icons did hearts and shooting stars.
lil_miss_coolio did text brushes.
random masks (puzzle pieces) by midknight_starr
paine_09 did "call me when you sober" and "my immortal" (evanescence) text brushes
friends texts by preci0us_dreams
amethystia did some tiny text.
Laluzz did arrow brushes
meleada did the line brushes and polaroids+lips.
mantber did some masks.
leggyslove did hearts.
ca_pris did smoke brushes.
phaust_ did text.
sowicked did icon border brushes
discordandnight did 10 mask brushes.
big_rock_show did masks (6 icon, 4 large.)

I know there are people I missed-I'm sorry! If you see me using a brush I haven't credited for, please email me at pxb_is_mine@yahoo.com. Assuming you are the brush maker, I want to personally apologize, and assure you that it was not done purposely to take credit for your work. I hope you are not too upset, and I will get the credit for you up as soon as I can.

Thank you to everyone who has made such great textures and brushes, they're all amazing! :)